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Iโ€™m SO excited to introduce this song and video into the world. Lots of laughs, tons of puns and catchy as heck. I never intended to release another song as an artist – but when I wrote this magical Motown musical theatre bop with Jennifer Lucy Cook and Peter White I COULD NOT get it out of my head, and my mind was filled with images of a video I needed to make.

My Christmas Spirit Guides were tapping on my shoulder constantly to bring the vision to life. So I listened. We wrote the song at the end of October, we recorded it in mid-November (amazingly produced by Pete), I shot a video for it in my living room and studio last week, then stayed awake for 3 days to edit it.

This is what happens when you just flow with what feels good: A fun and funny story about how shit goes wrong no matter how โ€œin tuneโ€ you are – and that Christmas Magic lives inside us, away from the distractions of the outside world.

I love this song and had an absolute BLAST in the creative process – I just want the message out there. If you love it, please share it. Text or DM it to your family and friends who would get a kick out of it. It would mean the world! HO HO HO and NAMASTE! ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿผ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Hi, I'M Daniel.

It's nice to meet you!

Welcome to my world. I think telling you all about me will be very introspective and even therapeutic, but better yet I love the idea that I don’t have to talk about myself anymore and I can just say “visit my website, he’ll fill you in”.

So – Who is this guy? Glad you asked.
I am a songwriter and spirit guide. What a cool combo, eh?

After living in California for nearly four years, I now live happily in my hometown of Collingwood, Ontario with my amazing husband, a fluffy muppet Bernadoodle named Toby, and the team of voices in my head.

My journey has always been hilariously all over the place, but what I have learned is to celebrate the randomness of life in the pursuit of your ever-changing dreams. That’s why I love to teach others how to tap into the highest version of themselves and find that deep sense of belief that is needed to feel like you’re actually living your life – instead of life living you.

Ultimately, I’m here to share myself through the 3 keys that make up my life:



I'm so flattered!

Let’s go deeper. I’ve always been a very intuitive person (you say psychic, I say potato). The connection I have is one that we all have but it lays dormant and craving attention if you’re not appreciating it (been there, done that!). I was always afraid of what other people would think, and I didn’t trust that fully being myself was the answer to everything.

The Universe kept calling and I kept saying, “New phone, who dis?”

No matter how much I would try to tune out my intuition, it pulsed in my life with a steady beat. It’s like the 18th century philosopher Gloria Estefan said, “The rhythm is gonna getcha”. I’ve spent a lot of time learning to lean in to my metaphysical side and just ride the wave. Let me tell ya, it’s a wild ride. Now I’ve spent the past ten years or so developing my spiritual practice through yoga, meditation and energy channeling.

My intention is simply to trust and follow my intuition and lift up whoever I can along the way.


I’ve been writing since I was a teenager and I dig it so so much. I love to write pop, country, and theatrical songs. I currently have the pleasure of bouncing between LA and Nashville, working with songwriters and artists.

My favorite thing to do is sit down with an artist or writer and have a little session filled with laughs, life-coaching and light-bulb moments – and then create a song out of thin air.

Sometimes I can’t help but write uplifting and inspirational songs – because I think subconsciously I’m writing them as a positive reminder to myself. I really believe the power of intention and the energy you can put into your music as a songwriter.

But it doesn’t always have to be serious and deep – sometimes it’s just fun to sing about heartbreak and drinking and gettin’ some!

Want to hear some demos?


It’s that invisible force behind everything serendipitous and inexplicable in this Universe. I’ve had way too much awesome and synchronistic shit happen to me not to believe in magic. But I think of it differently than some people. I’m not necessarily referring to magic in the hocus pocus, Harry Potter sense (though, I’m not not referring to it that way either ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think the fact that we wake up breathing on a mystery rock floating through the Universe is pretty fuckin’ magical. I think we’re here for a reason and I believe we are all capable of amazing things. I believe that we are made from the same energy that created the stars and nature and all the wild circumstances that flow into our lives for us to experience.

I also believe we create our own realities by harnessing this energy through our thoughts and feelings and that we humans are evolving into our full potential slowly but surely. I use my magic to help others believe in theirs. It’s an inherent power that many people ignore. Hell, I tried to for most of my life – but it’s impossible to ignore anymore!

So, yeah – I believe in magic – and I love connecting with those who love to dive deeper into who they really are. If that’s you…


Since I was very young I always had a very inquisitive nature. And I always felt different than everyone else. I have spent my entire life finding new ways to become the best version of myself. (Hint: It’s a marathon that never ends!). It hasn’t been clear or easy and I’ve walked through a lot of self-created shit to get to where I am today, and I’m still walking and figuring out all this with the rest of the world.

I’m a 200hr trained yoga teacher and I use a mash-up of yoga principles, meditation, intuitive guidance, energy healing and a killer sense of humor to get people aligned with their higher selves.

Like many a triple-fire-sign-Sagittarius, I’ve always been obsessed with spiritual and self-development as well as personal transformation. Yeah I’m one of those people who’ve read a book or two-hundred on those topics, but mostly I’ve learned a lot from roaming this planet for over 3 decades and attempting to put together this puzzle called human existence.

My favorite thing is talking to like-minded people about getting into a flow state and connecting with your awesome inner self and all of the cool shit that happens when you truly love yourself. It’s powerful stuff!


One innate gift I’ve always had is tapping into someone’s energy and connecting with their higher selves and sense of self-belief. I feel my qualifications for the position of Tour Guide of the Universe includes 34 years of figuring out who the fuck I am. Combine that with my super-charged intuition and it’s made me great at helping others connect with themselves! I believe that we should all be leading and guiding each other, regardless of where we’re at in life – because our stories and experiences can affect others in ways we often underestimate.

So that’s what I’m here to do. I want to impact the world in a positive way through music, magic and mindfulness.

If you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down,
let's connect!


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